Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Sex Addiction Expert Earning Potential? Family, Children, Age, Divorce!

Dr. Doug Weiss’s Net Worth!

Dr. Doug Weiss is a famous psychologist, counselor, and author, who is an expert on marriage, sexual issues, intimacy, and addiction recovery and is also the host of Healing Time Ministries. He has written several books on topics such as sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and marriage counseling.

Dr. Douglas Weiss is the founder and executive director of the Colorado-based Heart to Heart Counseling Center. He founded the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy Center to help people struggling with sex addiction.

Now the question arises how much is the net worth of a Sex Addiction Expert? So from a 2023 interview, Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth was reported to be 6 to 8 million dollars, which is estimated to increase to around 10 million dollars in 2024.

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Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth Income Source!

Dr Doug Weiss net worth has many different sources, which he mainly earns as a speaker, author, and director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center. He also has his own YouTube channel in which he talks about issues like sexual issues, intimacy, and Sex addiction recovery, this is also a source of his income.

Along with this, Dr. Douglas Weiss appears in many TV shows, and podcasts, he started the Healing Time Ministries show in 2014, whose host is also Dr. Doug Weiss, he also earns well from book sales and revenue, which increases his net worth even more.

Television Hosting:

As a television host, Dr. Weiss appears on many different shows where he talks about topics related to marriage counseling, sexual addiction, and personal growth, with television hosting being his major source of income.

Licensed Psychologist Services:

Dr. Weiss offers his counseling services as a licensed psychologist where he provides therapy sessions to sex addicts for various sexual addiction and intimacy-related issues. He earns a good amount as a doctor


Dr. Weiss has written several books on topics such as marriage, sexual addiction recovery, intimacy, and personal growth. His books are sold in various formats including paperback, e-book, and audiobook, from which he receives royalties from the sales and revenue of his books.

AASAT Presidency:

Dr. Douglas Weiss currently serves as the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), where Dr. Weiss receives compensation for his leadership role in the organization.

Adjunct Professor:

Dr. Weiss also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he teaches psychology to students. He receives a salary as an adjunct professor, which contributes to Dr Doug Weiss net worth.

Thus, Dr. Doug Weiss lives a luxurious life by earning money through various businesses.

Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Sex Addiction Expert Earning Potential? Family, Children, Age, Divorce!
Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Sex Addiction Expert Earning Potential? Family, Children, Age, Divorce!
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Dr. Doug Weiss Wikipedia

Full NameEngaged with Joni Lamb
NicknameDr. Doug Weiss
Dr Doug Weiss Net WorthAround 10 million dollars in 2024.
Date of BirthApril 18, 1962
Age62 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthFort Worth, Texas, USA
SchoolUnited Wesleyan College
UniversitySouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Master’s), Northcentral University (Ph.D.)
Height (feet)5 feet 11 inches, 180 cm
Weight (lbs)154 lbs, 70 kg
Relationship StatusEngaged to Joni Lamb
Ex-WifeLisa Weiss
ProfessionAmerican psychologist, global speaker, author, sexual issues expert, and TV host
Current ResidenceColorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Source – Dr Doug Weiss

Dr. Doug Weiss Biography

Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Sex Addiction Expert Earning Potential? Family, Children, Age, Divorce!
Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Sex Addiction Expert Earning Potential? Family, Children, Age, Divorce!

Early Life and Education:

Dr. Doug Weiss, born on April 18, 1962, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, is currently a renowned American psychologist, renowned global speaker, accomplished author, expert on sexual issues, and renowned TV host. His early life was good, after schooling, Dr. Weiss began his educational journey at United Wesleyan College.

He then moved forward in this field by earning a dual master’s degree in marriage and family counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Furthering his education, he obtained a doctorate in psychology from Northcentral University in the field of psychology.

Professional Career:

Dr. Doug Weiss began his professional journey as a licensed psychologist, helping others resolve complex issues related to sexual addiction, intimacy, and marital therapy. Gradually his compassionate approach and extensive expertise as a television host and author earned him widespread recognition as a leading figure in the field.

Since 2005, Dr. Weiss has served as President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), where he helps people recover from sexual addiction. Under his leadership, AASAT provides comprehensive programs such as sex addiction training, intimacy anorexia training, and partner recovery training, which empower individuals to recover from challenges such as sexual addiction.

In addition to his work at AASAT, Dr. Weiss founded the Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he serves as its founder and executive director. Through this center, he provides specialized counseling services tailored to sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and marital therapy. The center provides a variety of transformational materials, including books and DVDs, to assist individuals in healing.

Dr. Weiss is also the founder and television host of Healing Time Ministries, established in 2014. Through this foundation, he assists pastors, NGO groups, and other congregations with motivational and inspirational tools to promote healing within themselves and their communities.

In addition, Dr. Weiss is also an accomplished author with a diverse portfolio of books on topics such as intimacy, emotional fitness, and sex addiction recovery. His books serve as invaluable resources for individuals seeking help with personal growth, marriage problems, and sex addiction.

In this way, Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth kept on increasing with his different professions and today this net worth has reached 10 million dollars.

Personal Life

Dr. Doug Weiss’ personal life has been quite up and down, his first marriage was with Lisa Weiss. Lisa is an acclaimed novelist and author. They dated each other for some time before getting married. Their marriage lasted for more than three decades, but they got divorced in 2022.
After the divorce from his first wife, Dr. Doug Weiss got involved with Joni Lamb. Joni is the host of Joni Table Talk, which airs on the Daystar Television Network, and she is also a speaker and author. Dr. Doug Weiss and Joni Lamb got engaged in March 2023.

Dr. Doug Weiss married and alone?

Dr. Doug Weiss is currently divorced but last year he got engaged to Joni Lamb. He was previously married to Lisa Weiss. Who is a novelist and writer, But they got divorced in 2022. After the divorce from Lisa Weiss, Dr. Doug Weiss’s new girlfriend is Joni Lamb

Authorship: dr. doug weiss books

Dr. Weiss has written many books so far, covering a wide variety of topics including marriage, sexual addiction recovery, personal growth, and intimacy. Here are his books Whose revenue has contributed a lot to Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth.

  • Women who love sex addicts (1993)
  • Steps of Hope: A Recovery Guide for Sexual Addiction (1996)
  • Beyond Love: A 12 Step Recovery for Co-Sex Addiction (1996)
  • 101 Practical Exercises for Sexual Addiction Recovery (1996)
  • Partner’s Recovery Guide: 100 Empowering Exercises (1997)
  • Final Freedom: Pioneering Sexual Addiction Recovery (1998)
  • She Has a Secret: Understanding Female Sexual Addiction (2000)
  • A 100 Day Guide to Intimacy: A 100-Day Guide to Lasting Relationships (2001)
  • El Sexo, los Hombres y Dios / Sex, Men and God (2002)
  • Sex, Men and God: A Godly Man’s Road Map to Sexual Success (2002)
  • The Ministry of Kings and Queens (2004)
  • The 7 Love Agreements (2005)
  • Beyond the Bedroom: Healing for Adult Children of Sex Addicts (2005)
  • The Power of Pleasure: Maximizing Your Enjoyment for a Lifetime (2007)
  • The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle: Quick, Daily Steps for Refreshing Your Relationship (2007)
  • Final Freedom Spanish Version (2015)
  • 30-Day Marriage Makeover: How to Get Closer, Communicate Better, and Experience More Passion in Your Relationship by Next Month (2011)
  • Married & Alone: Healing Exercises for Spouses (2011)
  • Miracle of Marriage (2011)
  • Married and Alone: The 12 Step Guide (2011)
  • Letters to My Daughter (2014)
  • Recovery for Everyone: Book (2014)
  • Lust Free Living (2014)
  • Addicted to Adultery (2010)
  • Get a Grip: How to Take Control of the Things That Are Controlling You (2006)
  • Emotional Fitness: From Challenge to Champion in 60 Days (2015)
  • Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity (2013)
  • Secret Solutions (2012)
  • Steps to Recovery: A Christian Guide for Addiction Recovery (2012)
  • 101 Recovery Exercises: A Christian Guide for Addiction Recovery (2012)
  • Partner Betrayal Trauma Step Guide (2019)
  • Partner’s Betrayal Trauma: The Workbook (2019)
  • Lover Spouse (2019)
  • Intimacy Anorexia: The Book (2010)
  • Helping My Spouse Heal from My Intimacy Anorexia (2022)
  • Helping Her Heal DVD Companion Guide (2021)
  • Prodigal Parent Process (2021)
  • Prodigal Parent Process Workbook (2021)
  • Old Fgaa (2023)
  • Worthy Exercise and Step Book {all in One} (2016)
  • 101 Freedom Exercises (2001)
  • Steps to Freedom (2008)
  • 5 Sex Languages (2015)
  • Servant Marriage (2015)
  • 7 Love Agreements Spanish (2015)
  • Men Make Men: Guidebook (2018)
  • Upgrade Your Sex Life: Finding Your Unique Sexual Expression (2018)
  • Partner’s: Healing from His Sexual Addiction (2001)
  • Beyond the Bedroom: Healing for Adult Children of Sex Addicts (2005)
  • Healing the Soul (2008)
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  • Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth figures are estimates based on publicly available information. Actual Weiss’s worth may vary due to market changes and other factors.


Who is Dr Doug Weiss?

Dr. Doug Weiss is a psychologist, sex addict expert and author who specializes in marriage, sexual issues, intimacy and sex addiction recovery, he has written several books on topics such as sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia. Today Dr. Doug Weiss net worth is approximately $10 million

What happened to Dr. Doug Weiss’ first wife Lisa?

Dr. Doug Weiss divorced his first wife, Lisa, in 2022. Lisa is also an acclaimed novelist and author who is now happy in her life.

Who was Doug Weiss’s wife before Joni Lamb?

Lisa Weiss is Doug Weiss’s first wife before Joni Lamb.

Does Dr. Doug Weiss have any children?

Dr. Doug Weiss has 4 children from his first wife Lisa, he got divorced from Lisa after almost 30 years of married life.

Dr. Doug Weiss Income Source

Dr. Doug Weiss derives his income from various sources, including:
Counseling Services:
Speaking Engagements:
Media Appearances:
Training Programs:
Online Presence:
Consulting and Coaching:

Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth

Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth is around $8 to 10 million

Who is Doug Weiss engaged to?

Dr. Doug Weiss is engaged to Joni Lamb, an acclaimed TV personality, presenter, and executive producer/co-founder of the Daystar Network.

Dr Doug Weiss Age

As of 2024, Dr. Doug Weiss is 62 years old.

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