Jay Bloom Net Worth 2024: Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!

Jay Bloom Net Worth 2024

Jay Bloom Net Worth is estimated to be about $ 800 million to $ 1 billion in 2024. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor who has created his name in entertainment, real estate, and finance to various industries. Jay Bloom is also known as the manufacturer of films, development of assets, and investment manager,

In June 2023, he made a lot of headlines, because the Titan submarine that he rejected to be a part of him crashed and all his passengers were killed.

In this article, we will know in detail about Jay Bloom’s total net worth to different sources of income, His biography, and his decisions to not go to the Titan submarine, etc. So stay till the end of this article!

Jay Bloom’s Net Worth Analysis & Income Source

Currently, his total net worth is about $ 800 million to $ 1 billion from the contribution of various sources of income.
It would be perfect to call Jay Bloom a Billionaire with so much property. He had joined various ventures since the early time of his career, mainly as a real estate developer and investor, he made his successful career.

Bloom has so far earned money from many different businesses including businesses such as jewelry, helicopter transport services, real estate acquisition, data centers, and adventure tourism.

Throughout his career, he has developed entrepreneurial skills, which have reached his net worth billion today.

Jay Bloom Net Worth : Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!
Jay Bloom Net Worth : Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!

Jay Bloom’s source of income:

1. Director and Ownership in Acuride Corp (ACW):

  • Director and 10% owner.
  • The ACW stock has about 34,981,466 shares.
  • Estimated value over $ 90 million.

2. Insider trading and ownership in various companies:

  • Insider involved in trading activities.
  • GX Acquisition Corp, El Polo Loco Holdings Inc., and Portman Ridge Finance Corp are owned shares.
  • The posts range from director to 10 percent of the owner.

3. Professional Enterprises and Investment:

  • Real Estate Development and Investment.
  • Jewelry industry as the founder and CEO of Bloom Jewelry.
  • Helicopter transport services.
  • Real estate acquisition and property development.
  • Data centers investment and renewable energy projects.

4. Adventure Tourism and Entertainment:

  • Investment in adventure tourism undertakings such as the Oceangate Titanic Sub-Disaster Expedition.
  • Police Founder of Police Chase Las Vegas, a fake police chase experience.

5. Other enterprises:

  • Previous partnerships in businesses like Pet Insurance (Pet Assure Inc.).
  • Various portfolios which include luxury resorts, hotels, and levies on Nevada HA properties.

These are some sources of income, which reflect the business activities of JR Bloom and their investment in different industries, contributing to Jay Bloom Net Worth.

Jay Bloom Wikipedia

NameJay Bloom
Jay Bloom Net Worth 2024 $ 800 million to $ 1 billion
Bloom Source of WealthDirector, 10% Owner of Accuride Corp, Insider Trading, Real Estate Development, Jewelry Industry, Adventure Tourism, Data Centers
BirthdateNovember 1, 1967
Jay Bloom Age56 years old (as of 2024)
Birthplace Tachikawa, Japan
Height165 cm
Spouse/wifeCarolyn Farkas
ChildrenSon (Sean Bloom)
Professional CareerEntrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Investor, Jewelry Industry Leader
Business VenturesAccuride Corp, Bloom Jewelry, Adventure Tourism, Data Centers, Insider Trading, Real Estate Development
Current ResidenceLas Vegas, Nevada.
Source , Jay Bloom Net Worth 2024: Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!

Jay Bloom Biography

Jay Bloom Net Worth : Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!
Jay Bloom Net Worth : Billionaire, Wife, Age, Earning, Income, House!

Who is Jay Bloom?

Jay Bloom is a famous American entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has more than 20 years of experience in areas such as business development, investment management and strategic counseling.

Bloom in Las Vegas, USA is a well -known name among the business community there, playing a major role in increasing positive innovation in the field of business.

How to save Jay Bloom from Titan submarine accident?

In June 2023, when Osiangate’s Titan submarine crashed after the disappearance, it was revealed that Jay Bloom and his son Sean were also offered to buy tickets for the visit.

Although Jay and his son Sean had made an idea of ​​visiting the Titanic site with this Titan submarine, at the last moment, he canceled his journey in view of the weather deteriorating and security concerns.
After canceling his visit, popular businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood bought the ticket in his place.

On June 14, 2023, the Titan submarine who went out on a trip to see the debris of the Titanic went missing, and after finding a lot, it was found on 23 June that the Titan submarine had exploded.

Shehzada Dawood and Suleman Dawood along with three other people traveled in a submarine, everyone died in the accident.
Even after getting the ticket, the cancellation of this journey of Jay Bloom and his son Sean Bloom was a new life for him.

Early Life & Education

Jay Bloom was born outside the US in Tachikawa, Japan, because at that time his father was stationed in the US Air Force at Tachikawa Air Force Base in Japan. Shortly after his birth, his father brought him back to the US.

After his early education in the US, he completed his MBA from Rutgers and Fordham University and moved forward in the field of business. There is not much information about Bloom’s early life on the Internet.

Jay Bloom Las Vegas Career

Magnavest (college years):

  • Jay Bloom began thinking about business while he was still in college.
  • He started an investment company specializing in covered call option writing while still in college.

Manufacturers Hanover Trust (New York City):

  • After graduation, he worked for ten years at Manufacturers Hanover Trust, rising to the executive level.
  • He began his career in New York City working in portfolio risk management.
  • He later worked his way up the ranks working in real estate risk management.

Pet Assure (1996):

  • He co-founded a veterinary discount company with his wife.
  • But they sold the company after some time and retired at the age of 33.

Helicopter Ventures (post-retirement):

  • Due to his interest in flying helicopters, he obtained a private helicopter pilot’s license and purchased a helicopter.
  • He then acquired a flight school and started a company offering short 3-minute flights from New Jersey piers.
  • However, the company was shut down after the 9/11 attacks due to losses.

Nectar (post 9/11):

  • He partnered with Eastman Kodak to form a souvenir photography business called Nectar.
  • Nectar sold souvenir photos at amusement parks, zoos and other attractions.

Real Estate Ventures (Las Vegas):

  • Jay Bloom then led several real estate investment and development companies in Las Vegas.
  • As president of First 100 LLC, he specializes in buying and foreclosing on homeowners association liens.
  • He is also the manager of SJC Ventures, a property management company.
  • Jay Bloom is also the co-founder and executive chairman of Pegasus Group Holdings, which develops and operates data centers that use renewable energy.

The Mob Experience (2011):

  • In 2011 Bloom became the managing partner of The Mob Experience, a mafia-themed attraction at the Tropicana Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • He soon left the company amid allegations of misrepresenting the company’s finances and diverting funds.

NBA team ownership (since 2020):

  • Jay Bloom has been involved in efforts to bring an NBA team to Las Vegas.
  • He formed an investor group that included people like motivational speaker Tony Robbins and former NBA player Marcus Banks III.

Jay Bloom’s career reflects his versatility in various industries from finance and real estate to entertainment and sports investing, today Jay Bloom net worth has reached billions from his various sources of income. Which shows his success to the world.

Jay Bloom’s Wife & His Son

Jay Bloom is a married man. His wife’s name is Carolyn Farkas, who is also a businesswoman by profession. Both of them have worked together to take their business forward. Jay and Carolyn also have a son named Sean Bloom, who is currently 21 years old.

In the end, it can be said that Jay Bloom can be called successful in his career as a businessman and investor.
With his wife Carolyn Farkas, he has done a good job in his business, along with his business, Jay also keeps doing a lot of philanthropic work.

Perhaps due to his philanthropic work, he refused at the last moment to go on the Titan submarine journey in June 2023.
Today he is living a great lifestyle with his family, he has made a good wealth in his career from his different sources of income.


  • Jay Bloom Net Worth figures are estimates based on publicly available information. Actual Jay Bloom’s net worth may vary due to market changes and other factors.


How did Jay Bloom make his money?

Jay Bloom has earned his money in his career through various entrepreneurial ventures such as real estate investments, pet insurance and helicopter transportation, and the jewelry industry. Jay Bloom net worth currently stands at $1 billion.

What does Jay Bloom own?

Jay Bloom owns various assets and businesses across different industries. Some of his notable ownership include:
Accuride Corp (ACW):
Real Estate Investments:
Bloom Jewelry:
Pegasus Group Holdings:
Entertainment Ventures:
Various Investments:

Who is Sean Bloom?

Sean Bloom is the son of prominent American investor and businessman Jay Bloom, who at the age of 21, has amassed a million-dollar fortune through real estate and investments.

What is Jay Bloom Age

Jay Bloom was born on November 1, 1967 which makes him currently 56 years old

How did Jay Bloom make his money?

Jay Bloom has made money in many different ways, including businesses in areas such as real estate investing, pet insurance, and helicopter transportation. He has made billions of dollars from these sources of income in 2024

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