Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography!

Denise Austin Net Worth: Net Worth Analysis

Denise Austin net worth is estimated to be between $12 to $14 million in 2024. Denise Austin is a renowned fitness expert, author, and television personality who has been well-known in the fitness industry for several decades.

Dennis has created numerous workout programs, DVDs, and books aimed at helping people improve their fitness and health. She also hosts her fitness programs, including the long-running ESPN flagship exercise show “Getting Fit with Dennis Austin”, and is a former member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition.

Factors Influencing Denise Austin Net Worth:

  1. The success of her fitness programs and products
  2. Endorsements and sponsorships
  3. Property and asset investments
  4. TV Show Revenue
  5. Other sources of income

Denise Austin Net Worth Timeline:

YearEstimated Net Worth (in millions)
Denise Austin Net Worth 2020$8
Denise Austin’s Net Worth 2024$12 – $14
Denise Austin Net Worth Timeline

Denise Austin’s sources of income include:

  • Fitness Programs and Products: Denise Austin generates a good amount of her revenue from the sale of workout programs, DVDs, and fitness-related merchandise.
  • Advertisements and Sponsorships: The income generated from advertising products or brands related to health, fitness, and wellness also contributes to their net worth.
  • Property and asset investments: Austin has also invested in other real estate, including properties such as the Alexandra Condo.
  • TV Show Revenue: Austin has hosted several fitness programs on television, with potential syndication deals or licensing agreements making her a good income.
  • Other sources of income: Potential revenue streams such as royalties from public appearances, speaking engagements, and book sales.

Dennis Austin’s net worth is estimated to be $12 to $14 million in 2024. However, he recently listed his Alexandra condo for sale for $1,625,000.

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NameDenise Austin
Denise Austin Net Worth (2024)Approximately $12 – 14 million
Source of WealthFitness, Television, Writing
BirthdateFebruary 13, 1957
Height and Weight5 feet 4 inches,
58 kg
Husband/SpouseJeff Austin
BirthplaceSan Pedro, California, U.S.
School, CollegeCalifornia State University, Long Beach
Occupation(s)Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, entrepreneur
Political partyRepublicans
Notable Works“Getting Fit with Denise Austin”, Author of fitness books
Career HighlightsPresident’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports member, Fitness TV show host
ResidenceUnited States
Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography! Source

Denise Austin Lifestyle

Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography!
Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography!
  • Fitness: Dennis Austin’s lifestyle is completely focused on fitness. She places a lot of emphasis on daily physical activity and recommends people incorporate at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day into their lifestyle, which could include anything from walking, dancing, or hiking.
  • Nutrition: Dennis Austin’s lifestyle is characterized by a balanced and nutritious diet. She tells people to make small but impactful changes, such as adding more fruits and vegetables to their diets and adding healthy snacks like hummus and vegetables. Denise also suggests eating non-veg once a week and incorporating plant-based proteins that support heart health.
  • Stress Management: Denise Austin prioritizes stress management techniques in her lifestyle, recognizing the impact stress has on our health. She also recommends people practice breathing exercises and mindfulness to reduce stress levels and relax. By incorporating all of these exercises into her daily routine, Denise strives to maintain a balanced and positive mindset.
  • Heart-Healthy Habits: To keep her heart healthy, Denise adopts habits that strengthen the heart. As a daily exercise, she does some exercises which benefit her heart in the long run. Denise offers guidance to help others adopt these heart-healthy habits and live their healthiest lives.
  • Positive Mindset: Throughout her lifestyle, Denise Austin prioritizes a positive mindset. She encourages her viewers to live every day with a positive attitude. Dennis believes that by fostering a positive mindset, individuals can overcome many challenges and live a happy, healthy life.

Overall, Denise Austin’s lifestyle reflects her commitment to fitness, nutrition, stress management, heart health, and maintaining a positive outlook on life. She also serves as a role model and motivator for others wanting to adopt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Denise Austin’s Biography

Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography!
Denise Austin Net Worth 2024: Income Source, Age, Size, & Biography!

Early Life:

Dennis Austin was born on February 13, 1957, in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, she had a strong passion for fitness from a young age. She began gymnastics at the age of 12, excelled in the field, and earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Arizona.

Denise Austin’s Education:

After beginning her studies at the University of Arizona, Dennis graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education majoring in exercise physiology.

Dennis Austin’s Fitness Career:

Denise Austin’s fitness career blossomed in the 1980s when she transitioned from gymnastics to fitness instructor. The people greatly appreciated her passion and motivational approach towards exercise, which led her to great success.

Currently, Dennis Austin is a well-known name in the fitness industry. Starting as an aerobics instructor in Los Angeles, she became highly famous as co-host of “The Jack LaLanne Show” and later became a fitness expert on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Gradually Dennis also began teaching fitness classes, producing fitness shows, and creating exercise videos and books aimed at promoting health and wellness.

Along with writing 12 fitness books to date, Dennis has created over 100 workout videos and launched her exercise equipment line Forever Fit, She has advocated for heart health and good nutrition throughout her career, continuing to inspire millions of people around the world to lead healthy lives.

Dennis Austin’s Television Career:

Dennis Austin’s television career began in 1982 with her program on KABC in Los Angeles, Dennis quickly made a name for herself in the fitness industry with his dynamic workouts and charming personality.

As a fitness expert on NBC’s “Today Show” from 1984 to 1988, he established herself as America’s favorite fitness expert. Her way of connecting with the audience and Dennis’ ability to make exercise accessible to everyone made her show popular.

In addition to her appearances on network television, Dennis hosted her long-running shows, including “Getting Fit” on ESPN and “Dennis Austin’s Daily Workout” on the Lifetime Television Network. her program became a trusted source of practical fitness routines and valuable health advice to viewers.

Advocacy and Recognition:

In 2002, Dennis Austin was honored by President George W. Bush as a member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, where he served for several years. Throughout his career, he has always advocated healthy living, emphasizing the importance of regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management.

Dennis Austin’s books and publications:

Dennis Austin has written 12 books on fitness, covering all kinds of topics from exercise routines to nutrition advice. His books serve as comprehensive guides for individuals wishing to improve their health through physical activity and healthy living.

With titles like “Lose Your Belly Fat,” “Get Fit in a Flash,” and “Shrink Your 5 Fat Areas,” Dennis Fitness offers practical strategies and effective workout plans to improve your health. His writing style is very accessible and inspiring, making it extremely easy for readers to incorporate his suggestions into their daily lives.

In addition to his books, Dennis has contributed numerous articles to different publications sharing his expertise on topics related to exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness. These words of his have helped countless individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle and bring positive changes in their fitness routines.

Through her books and publications, Denise Austin inspires readers to make their health a top priority and take active steps toward achieving their fitness goals.

Denise Austin’s personal life:

Denise has been married to former tennis player and sports lawyer Jeff Austin since April 1983 and has two daughters, Kelly and Katie, both of whom have also made fitness a part of their lifestyle.

Dennis Austin’s multifaceted career and unwavering commitment to health and wellness have made him a leading figure in the fitness industry. Through her fitness expertise, television programs, books, and videos, she continues to inspire millions of people around the world to prioritize their health and live active, fulfilling lives.

Denise Austin Net Worth & Income Source!

Denise Austin’s net worth is estimated to be between $12 to $14 million. This net worth comes from different sources which include The success of her fitness programs and products, Endorsements and sponsorships, Property and asset investments, TV Show Revenue, Other sources of income, etc.


  • Denise Austin Net Worth figures are estimates based on publicly available information. Denise’s Worth may vary due to market changes and other factors.

FAQs – Denise Austin net worth

Denise Austin Age

Denise Austin is currently 67, born on February 13, 1957.

How old is Denise Austin

Denise Austin is currently 67 years old.

How Much is Denise Austin Worth

Denise Austin net worth is estimated to be between $12 to $14 million.

What size is Denise Austin

Denise Austin’s measurements are as follows:
Bra size: 38B
Feet size: 6
Waist size: 23
Bust size: 33
Butt size: 33

Denise Austin height and weight

Denise Austin’s height is approximately 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm), and her weight is estimated to be around 125 pounds (57 kg).

Denise Austin measurements

Denise Austin’s measurements,
Bra size: 38B
Waist size: 23
Bust size: 33
Butt size: 33

Denise Austin and family

Denise Austin is married to Jeff Austin, a sports attorney and brother of tennis champion Tracy Austin. Together, they have two daughters named Kelly and Katie.

How tall is Denise Austin

Denise Austin is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall.

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