Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!

Dudley Debosier Net Worth – Salary & Revenue

Dudley DeBosier is an injury lawyer firm, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth in 2024 is approximately $200 million, which reflects his success in the legal field, as an injury lawyer firm.

With its decades of experience, This Law Firm has helped more than 58,000 clients recover more than $1.2 billion in claims for injury victims. Dudley Debosier Law Firm currently has a team of approximately 200 injury lawyers.

His impressive net worth is $200 million in 2024, debosier law firm has seen a significant increase in his net worth in just a few years as a well-known injury lawyer firm…..

YearNet Worth Increase
Dudley DeBosier Net Worth Increase in 2019$12 Million
Increase in 2020$12.5 Million
Increase in 2021$13 Million
Increase in 2022$13.5 Million
Dudley DeBosier’s Net Worth Growth in 2023$18 Million – $20 Million
Dudley DeBosier’s Net Worth Growth in 2024$20 Million – $22 Million
Dudley Debosier Net Worth, Source

Dudley Debosier Law Firm Salary

PositionSalary Range (Estimate)Average Salary (Estimate)Company Name
Attorney$171,454 per yearN/ADudley Debosier Injury Lawyers
IT Assistant$53,156 per yearN/ADudley Injury Lawyers
Full Time IT Project Coordinator (2220m)$65,814 – $88,119 per year$76,967Dudley Debosier Lawyers
FT Family Law Paralegal Buckhead (2218)$84,827 – $106,623 per year$95,725Debosier Injury Lawyers
FT Project Coordinator (2220)$92,420 – $123,168 per year$107,794Dudley Debosier Lawyers
FT – Family Law Paralegal Marietta (2219)$80,423 – $101,678 per year$91,050Dudley Injury Lawyers
FT Administrative Assistant/Research Assistant – Perimeter Area (2202)$58,708 – $73,262 per year$65,985Dudley Debosier Lawyers
FT Office Manager (2214)$85,688 – $117,502 per year$101,595Debosier Lawyers
FT Accountant (2224)$75,704 – $95,493 per year$85,598Dudley Lawyers
FT Software Sales Representative (2211)$92,559 – $135,431 per year$113,995Dudley Debosier Lawyers
Part-Time Bookkeeper$39,831 – $49,515 per year$44,673Dudley Injury Lawyers
Part-Time Executive Assistant – Remote$80,928 – $104,912 per year$92,920Dudley Debosier’s Injury Lawyers
DISCLAIMER: Estimated salary range; actual figures may vary. “Dudley Debosier Net Worth ” Source

Individual salaries at Dudley Debosier Injury Law Firm vary based on job title, department, location, level of education, certifications, and the individual’s skills.
For example, a full-time IT project coordinator at Dudley Injury Lawyers earns between approximately $65,814 and $88,119 per year, while executives or management positions earn salaries even higher.

The highest paying job at Debosier Injury Law Firm’s Lawyers is Attorney with an estimated salary of $171,454 per year, while the lowest paying job at this firm is a Part-Time Bookkeeper with an estimated salary of $39,831 per year.

The average salary range in this law business services industry is between $68,450 and $88,207, and the average salary is approximately $77,822.

Dudley Debosier Law Firm Revenue

Estimated Annual Revenue$46.6 million per year
Revenue Per Employee$297,000
Total Employees157
Employee Growth (Last Year)5%
Dudley Debosier Net Worth

Dudley Debosier’s Injury Law Firm has an estimated annual revenue of approximately $46.6 million, and its estimated revenue per employee is $297,000. The company currently has 157 employees and the law firm’s headcount has grown by 5% in the last year.

Market experts say there is much scope for growth and progress within the company.

With decades of experience, the auto accident injury lawyers at This Law Firm have helped over 58,000 clients and recovered over $1.2 billion in claims for injury victims. Working with a team of approximately 150 – 200 people, this firm promises to deliver superior services to its clients across various cities in Louisiana.

Overall, Dudley Debosier‘s net worth, salary structure, and revenues have established itself as a trustworthy and successful law firm in the personal injury legal landscape.

Dudley DeBosier Biography: A Journey of Legal Excellence

Dudley Debosier‘s Injury Lawyers is a law firm renowned for its legal excellence, established in 1996 serving injury victims in Louisiana.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming, with bills, paperwork and dealing with insurance companies a lot for most people. In this situation, This Law Firm injury lawyers start their work and help people get out of this problem.

The Debosier Injury Law Firm was voted one of the Business Report’s “Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge” in 2018. The firm provides top class legal services to clients.

The firm has permanent offices in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Lafayette, New Orleans and Shreveport. This enables them to provide exceptional legal assistance to injured victims close to home.

Dudley Debosier Law Firm has three partners who manage the firm very well, let’s know a little about them.

Meet Steven DeBossier

Steven DeBosier, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!
Steven DeBosier, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!

Baton Rouge native Steven DeBossier is an invaluable addition to the Dudley Debosier litigation team. With extensive experience and insight into insurance company strategy, Steven earned undergraduate and law degrees from Louisiana State University, before graduating from Catholic High School in 1985.

Since joining the firm in March 2000, Steven has been diligently advocating for the rights of injury victims, prosecuting personal injury claims against insurance companies throughout Louisiana.

Introducing Chad Dudley

Chad Dudley, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!
Chad Dudley, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!

As the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Chad Dudley ensures that Dudley Debosier Law Firm operates efficiently while protecting the interests of injured individuals.

A graduate of Louisiana State University with degrees in Marketing and a Juris Doctorate, Chad has strong expertise in automobile accidents, personal injuries and class action lawsuits which greatly enhances the capabilities of the legal team present at this firm. Chad Dudley has been recognized in Louisiana Super Lawyers in 2012, currently Chad is doing good work on client advocacy.

Meet James Peltier Jr.

James Peltier, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!
James Peltier, Dudley DeBosier Net Worth 2024: Injury Lawyers, Reviews, Baton Rouge!

James Peltier Jr., born in Baton Rouge and raised in Houma, Louisiana, plays a key role in Dudley Debosier‘s firm. James, who graduated from Southern University Law Center in 1995, has had a legal career spanning civil and criminal litigation.
James Peltier Jr. Joined This Law Firm litigation department in 1998. James has been instrumental in the firm’s mission of ensuring justice for injury victims through his aggressive advocacy and commitment to protecting clients’ rights.

Dudley Debosier Law Firm, injury lawyers reviews

The Debosier Law Firm, a leader in the legal field, reflects its success, tenacity and deep commitment to justice. Let’s learn more about this law firm, including Dudley Debosier net worth, from their unique approach to personal injury law, philanthropic efforts, company values, legal expertise, regional influence, vision , including everything from their dedication to a customer-centric approach.

  • Dudley DeBosier Net Worth:
    In 2024, Dudley DeBosier’s Net Worth is approximately $200 million, which shows the rapid growth of the DeBosser Law Firm. The firm is renowned for its expertise in personal injury cases, as evidenced by the firm’s substantial net worth and the positive results it has secured for numerous clients, cementing Dudley Debosier‘s position in the legal industry.
  • Unique Perspective:
    Dudley Debosier‘s commitment is reflected in his client-centric values, visionary leadership, and transparent fee structures. thereby establishing the DeBossier Law Firm as a trusted ally for those seeking justice.
  • Dedication to Personal Injury Law:
    At the heart of Dudley Debosier’s ethos is his dedication to personal injury law, advocating for speedy justice for injured people and achieving favorable results for his clients.
  • Philanthropic Efforts:
    Dudley Debosier Law Firm also participates in several philanthropy initiatives, reflecting their sense of social responsibility, through various initiatives and charitable contributions that support positive causes.
  • Company Insights:
    Debosier Law Firm’s core values, community engagement efforts, and strategic market presence underpin its leadership in the legal field.
  • Legal Expertise:
    The Dudley Debosier Injury Lawyers firm has strong legal expertise and a dedicated team dedicated to solving personal injury cases and advocating for the injured.
  • Regional Presence:
    Along with offices in Louisiana and Mississippi, Dudley Debosier has permanent offices in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Shreveport. The regional presence reflects its commitment to serving diverse communities and addressing regional legal challenges.

In conclusion, Dudley Debosier‘s net worth in 2024 reflects not only his financial success but also his commitment to justice and excellence in the legal field. As injury lawyers, their dedication and positive attitude towards their clients is what sets them apart from others.
With outstanding legal expertise, this law firm is making a meaningful impact on the lives of injury victims across Louisiana.


  • Dudley Debosier Net Worth figures are estimates based on publicly available information. Debosier’s Net Worth may vary due to market changes and other factors.


Dudley debosier net worth

As of 2024, Dudley DeBosier’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

Dudley debosier locations

Dudley DeBosier has multiple locations across Louisiana and Mississippi.

Dudley debosier phone number


(866) 847-0536

chad dudley net worth

Chad Dudley’s net worth alone is not known, but Dudley DeBosier net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

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